The year is 1801, Jared Browne is a handsome young man, born of a mulatto slave and a wealthy Connecticut plantation owner. Unusual for the time, his father treats him with the same love and respect as his son, Elijah, born to his white wife, Aphra. She is a cruel, greedy narcissist intent on Jared's demise.  


An overheard and misunderstood conversation puts Jared on the run to Canada in search of freedom. On the way, he is able to sustain himself in the harshest environment of the New England woods. His vast knowledge of flora and fauna keep him well fed on his trek... 

Many incomparable and harrowing experiences along they way changed his outlook toward his fellow man. Although saddened by his situation; he is never bitter or resentful. If he is able to reach his goal, Canada, can he live as a truly free man?




Vance Alexander is a Connecticut native. After a successful career in the field of Architectural and Interior Design, he returned to college in 2000, to receive a BA in English at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT.

A short story writer, his work has appeared in national magazines, literary journals and anthologies. Vance lives in Norwalk, CT. This is his first novel.

Galassia Press is looking forward to the completion of a sequel about Jared Brown's adventures in England.  Vance can be contacted at: